Feb 1, 2012

Confused car insurance

An online independent research undertaken by Consumer Intelligence in September 2011 has shown that 55% of online car insurance customers could save up to £200 and proved that you won't find cheaper going direct to the insurer.
Third party fire and theft - This insurance offers the same as above, but in addition it will pay out if your car is damaged in a fire or stolen.
Comprehensive - This type of policy offers you the most in terms of cover and peace of mind. It covers the cost of any damage to your own vehicle and others should you be involved in an accident which is caused by you or another party as well as covering for theft and fire damage.
Stay protected by making sure you always have the car insurance or car hire excess cover you need, whenever you're on the road. By comparing online, you can make sure a small amount upfront covers you in the case of excess damage to your hired car.

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